Message to Readers

What does it mean to be ‘nourished by joy’?

What images come to mind when you think of the word JOY?

For me, it’s laying on the grass under a starry night sky with the love of your life, entranced in the moment. It’s sharing an inside joke with your best friend and bursting in fits of laughter together. It’s the thrill of pouring your blood sweat and tears into a project, and as you present it, being met with thunderous applause.

It’s the heart-pounding excitement you get when you explore something previously unknown to you, and you unlock a life-changing mystery. It’s finding deep nuggets of knowledge in a book, podcast, or conversation. It’s sharing secrets about yourself with someone and having them validate your feelings. It’s holding your firstborn (and secondborn) child in your arms, watching them drift off to sleep as you smell their intoxicating newborn smell.

It’s finally finding the key thing that actually WORKS to help heal your body from the pain you have been feeling. It’s feeling like you are flying when you finally decide to let go of your fears and your past and just be your TRUE and AUTHENTIC SELF.

So what do those things have in common?

Connection. Love. New experiences. Exploration. Wisdom. Cultivating relationships. Health and wellness. Fullness.

You see, I believe we are all very spiritually thirsty. ALL THE TIME. We seek that feeling of contentment. We seek that feeling of heart nourishment. Ultimately, we seek JOY in life. But joy is not merely an emotion or feeling. Joy is SOUGHT. Joy is DELIBERATE. It’s a result of ACTION and of CONNECTION. That is what I seek. That is what it means to be nourished by joy, and that is the journey I invite you to take with me!