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Morning Struggle

I wake you in the morning to say goodbye
A restless sigh escapes your lips
And I reach in for a kiss
A grumbling, a yearning, a toying with my heart
As you mumble back to sleep.
Our daughter, resting beside you
Curled in a ball of blissful slumber
The fan whispering a fervent melody
And I tuck you both in tight.
My heart skips a beat as I walk away
Yearning for one last stretch of sleep
For one more cuddle
One more inhalation of sweet-scented tranquility
Before I close the door behind me.
I go out into the morning dew
Out into the world without you
To share my morning with lonely calm
And a sky painted with pink-tinged sunlight.
The earth spins around me in monotone
A clockwork pattern of us early risers
My day winds up in a wakeful fog
But my heart remains beside you
Resting on the bed with those I love.